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Does My Ex Still Love Me? Find out if Your Ex is Over You or Not

Candy sat down reminiscing. Huge drops of tears clouded her vision. She remembered the times she had with her ex, Sean. The movies, parties, lavish shopping sprees, vacations on exotic beaches and the time they had spent at the clubs. Most of your friends believed you’ll make a great couple. “How did we get here” she blurted out in between sobs.

Ever since the breakup, Sean had always lingered long in her mind. She could hardly concentrate on anything else. Sometimes she wonders whether he still loves her and wants her back as much as she wants him back. For most people going through a painful breakup, the question on their mind is “does my ex still love me?

Candy would really like to have Sean back but she is not sure he still loves her. So what are the tale tell signs to know if you ex still loves you?

Any form of communication between you and your ex is an indication that he still feels something for you. If they’re still sending you text messages, leaving IMs or emails or comments on your social platform it is a good sign that he still has feelings for you. Chances are very high that if he/she doesn’t care about you any more, they would have long deleted you from their contact. If he/she does not love or care for you any more they will want to stay as far from you as possible.

If he still frequents your favourite hang outs or places you both hang around together in the past, it is a good sign that he still loves you. It is a sign that he/she wants to see you often even if they want it to appear as though it were accidental.

Does my ex still love me? Well here is one way to find out: if you hear from his/her friends how much he misses you. Hearing from a mutual friend about the things you did when you were still together or the things he/she would have been doing were you to have been together or how your ex misses you is a sure sign that he still loves you.

If he/she gets emotional when talking about you- whether it is crying, laughing or deep thoughts- it is an indication that he still loves and cares for you.

If your ex is making conscious efforts to find out how you are doing particularly about your love life and relationship status, it is a sign that he/she is still interested in you and have got strong feeling s for you.

If he goes out of his way to schedule regular meetings with you or makes intimate physical contact with you, it is a sign that he is still interested. He just may be searching for an opportunity to tell you how bad he missed you. Be on the look out for signs of flirting which is a sign that he is still in love with you. But before accepting to meet him, you have to be very sure of his real intensions. If all he wants is just sex, then probably you should not keep the appointment. You wouldn’t want to add more pain to what you are already going through by feeling used.

Does my ex still love me? This is one question people that have gone through a break up will definitely want to find answers to. Although there are no absolute ways to find out, the above are good signs that he/she still loves you.


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