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does my ex want me back

Does My Ex Want Me Back? Signs to Look out for

Trying to get an ex back is never easy and worse still there are no guaranteed ways of getting them back.  I guess you know the drill: you just broke up with your ex and you still find yourself emailing her, text-ing him or her. Next, you run into her accidentally at her favourite hang out, or a gas station and you try to act as if you’ve put the incident behind you for good. A mutual friend is having a party and you get there only for her to show up too. You try to act as though you have moved on. The nagging question on your mind and in the minds of people in similar situation is does my ex want me back?

In the first place, acting as though you have moved on is not the best thing to do as your ex will assume that you really did not value the relationship or that you’ve moved on and would want them to move on too. Except I miss my guess, you wouldn’t want that. Getting confused feelings about your ex? Here are some tell tale signs that your ex may want you back:

If your ex voluntarily initiates communication, phone calls, emails, IM or social media comments is a sign that they may want you back. He calls you to find out how you’re doing and lingers long on the phone, happy to be talking with you. If during your conversation he is calling you those pet names he used to call you when you were still together.  These are all good signs that your ex may want you back sooner than you imagine.

If he runs into you and is looking into your eyes affectionately or makes intimate physical contact such touching your arms, brushing pass you are also good signs to look out for.

If your ex comes to ask your opinions whenever he/she wants to make a big decision, it is an indication that they value your opinion and want you back in their life. He gets a new job or a raise in his salary and you’re the first person he tells.

If they are trying to find out how you’re doing especially your love life and relationship status through your friends or mutual friends, they just may be asking because they miss you and want you back in their life. He runs into your friends and tells them how much he misses you. These are signs that they may want you back.

Does my ex want me back? Here is a good indication to that:  If they make deliberate efforts to let you know how sorry they are and tell you the conscious efforts they are making to improve themselves. These may include working on his personal appearance, getting a better job, improving on his social skills, getting more committed to spiritual things, dealing with those personal issues that led to the break up in the first place.

He is making effort to be interested in your interests. He is taking up cooking, gardening, shopping, because he knows those are your interests.

Does my ex want me back? One sure way to know is this: he looks at you with affection in his eyes and tells you” honey I want you back”.

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