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how to fix a failing relationship

How to Fix a Failing Relationship: What You Ought to Know

Before we get started, I will like to say if for any reason you think your relationship is failing, chances are it truly is. There are several signs to detect a failing relationship. They are so obvious you should be able to tell if yours is failing or not. But before we delve into how to fix a failing relationship, what are the tell tale signs of a failing relationship?

How were things when you first started the relationship? How are they now? What has changed? Is he/she still as caring, loving, and understanding as they once were? These changes,. No matter how little, can make a lot of difference. If he/she is no longer doing those little things that once counted, then the relationship may just be on its way to failure.

Do you still spend much time together as you once did? Have you observed that in recent times you don’t seem to be seeing much for each other? Does he now make excuses for his inability to spend time with you?

Have you noticed any signs of withdrawal, aloofness, a tendency to be an unnecessarily introvert of late? Does he nag incessantly at the slightest opportunity?

It is reassuring to know that some of the signs of a failing relationship are not written in hieroglyphics or shrouded in mystery. If a relationship is passing through a crisis, you night be considering quitting it but I want to believe you love your spouse and you’ll be willing to stay and fix the issues. Now that we have seen some of the signs of a failing relationship, would you like to know how to fix a failing relationship?

How to Fix a Failing Relationship

Determine to remain in the relationship

You have to accept that the relationship is worth staying for. You have to determine to remain in the relationship and make it work. It is a lot easier to fix a failing relationship if you’re convinced that it going to work out fine.

Find out what is wrong

Try and figure out what went wrong with the relationship. Is that you both are arguing and fighting often? If so, what is the cause? Is he becoming distant of late? Can you both still afford to spend quality time together? You may have to write down the things that are wrong with your relationship.


Choose a time and place that will be agreeable to both parties. It should be private and void of distractions. Listen very attentively to your partner without interrupting him or her. Be attentive to his/her body language and the emotions beneath the words. Choose your words carefully. Avoid insults or derogatory language, shun arguments and name calling. By all means, keep the communication lines open.

Be willing to compromise

If you’re serious about wanting to know how to fix a failing relationship, then you’ll be willing to make compromises. It is not about winning or who was right or wrong. You must be willing to let go of some things so as to preserve your relationship. You both will have to determine the things that are very important to your relationship.


After you have identified the problems with your relationship and proffered possible solutions, the next step in trying to fix the relationship is action. It is not just enough to “talk the talk”; you should be willing to “work the talk”. Commit yourself to addressing the issues promptly.

If your are going through a crisis in your relationship, it is a better and a lot easier to know how to fix a failing relationship than enduring the pain of a break up or worse still a divorce. Relationships can be fixed so quitting is not really the option unless you have followed these steps with no improvements.


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