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how to get over a broken heart

How to Get Over a Broken Heart

Heart break is defined in Concise Oxford dictionary in just 2 words: Overwhelming distress. The pain we feel from heart break goes way beyond these two words and its simple definition. hmm? No two persons react to heart break in the same way, so we all have different definitions to heart break. Some heart break could be very damaging , it all boils down to how you guys were into each other but the BIG truth is, you need to know how to get over a broken heart before it ruins your life and your future relationships.

Going through a breakup is a very challenging time in a person’s life. It is very hard to adjust to being alone especially if you have been together for a long time. You probably might begin to think about dating again in other to speed up the “get over” process but it is suggested you take your time to get over a heartbreak before you move on with someone else.

How to Get Over a Broken Heart in 5 Steps

Talk it All

Don’t suffer in silence. We all have friends, relatives and loved ones, get someone close enough to pour your heart to. Like the popular saying “a problem shared is half way solved” but here is my modification “a problem shared with the right person is half solved”. Don’t just go about talking about your pains to anyone that cares to listen. You are at your most vulnerable point so chose wisely who to talk to. Make sure they have your best interest at heart and ready to lead you out of the dark tunnel. You will feel better after you must have poured your heart out to someone. And if you have no friend to talk to(which i doubt). I will be glad to be your friend, just use the comment box and I will be here to talk.

Don’t Be Alone

If you have been heart broken, this is not the best time to be living alone because when you are all by yourself you might find it hard to coordinate your thoughts not to go awry.  Loneliness is not something you want to add to the  equation, you need someone to be around you most times to keep your mind busy and also get you talking about interesting things. If you cannot move out of your place to a friends’ then maybe your pal/gal should come over for some time. I am sure they will be to do this for you. When you are learning how to get over a broken heart, you need positive thinkers around you and you can always get that in your friends and family.

Allow Yourself to Grieve

Grieving is not as bad as it is popularly exaggerated, in fact is the first step in the healing process. It is during the period of grief that our body, spirit and soul accepts the fact that there is a status change in our life. When your spirit is fully adjusted to the fact that the relationship is over you are on the road to getting over a broken heart. Let yourself grief for a while, don’t dwell in grief forever. I will say a month is okay and healthy but we  are different. While grieving, let it at the back of your mind that its just for a while. It wont last a life time.

Love Yourself More

Heart break could be very devastating, it turns people to a different creature over-night. Some go over the edge eating everything and anything that comes there way, low self esteem and the likes, the gory effect of a heart break is countless. In the school of how to get over a broken heart, one important thing to do is to to invest some time to love yourself more. Do something with yourself, be adventurous, be fun. Learn something new, skiing, swimming dancing, e.t.c. You will love yourself more. You have an opportunity to be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Do you know that adventurous and interesting people attract more people to them? You have gone pass the period of pity now go explore some new levels. Look good, live healthy, dress well, boost self esteem. You ex will hate himself/herself for leaving you.

Let Go of The Past

Do not hold onto regrets, it will only stop your life from moving forward. Though there will be thoughts in your head telling you several things you could have done differently, leave the thoughts, let it go. Thinking about him/her over and over again will not change the situation of things. Learn from the past and use it to mould your future. Little do you know that there is a more exciting future waiting for you ahead. i believe you don’t want to go into that future with a handful of old regrets. Let me borrow you a quote I got from my uncle, “I cannot be unhappy for your happiness”. Why make yourself unhappy for something that is making you ex happy. Just let it go!

It is true to say there there is no complete episode on how to get over a broken heart so we will keep updating this post regularly with essential information that will further be of help. This is a relationship and life style Blog and we would love to have your views and comments.

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