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how to mend a broken relationship

How to Mend a Broken Relationship – The 5 Step Approach

Going through a break up can be emotionally challenging while leaving you heart broken, distraught, and traumatized. Let’s face it- break ups can be difficult to deal with. You miss him/her real bad. You sure don’t want to let go of your ex yet you are clueless about how to fix the problem. Here are a few tips on how to mend a broken relationship I believe someone needs to read this today. Mending a relationship seem like an easy thing to say but when it gets to the works, there are hurdles to cross, you just have to be prepared for it.

5 Step Approach on How to Mend a Broken Relationship

Find out what went wrong

First you need to try and figure out what went wrong. You probably will need to sit down with your ex and try to find out what the problems are. What are those things that you said or did that contributed to the break up? Be open, sincere and non-defensive in your analysis. You may even have to write down these things to help you remember and avoid them in future. Once you’ve defined what went wrong, it is usually easier to come up with feasible solutions.

Determine necessary steps to mend the relationship

Now that you have everything laid on the table, you both need to come up with possible solutions to the likely problems in the relationship and commit yourselves to fixing the problems. Some relationships hit the rocks because only one party is committed to making it work. Relationships don’t progress when its one sided, it is like driving a car with the handbrakes on, though it will move but not in the smoothest manner and won’t be long before the vehicle gets broken. So if you truly like to know how to mend a broken relationship, stay committed to making it work.

Take responsibility

Trying to fix your broken relationship is not about winning neither is it about who is right or wrong. Quit the blame game and accept responsibility wherever you might have gone wrong. Carefully consider all that went wrong in your relationship and be nice to each other to accept responsibilities. Relationships are for adult, at least the adult minded and something that comes with being an adult is accepting responsibilities for our actions. If fixing your failing relationship is really important to you, this should be a fairly simple thing to do unless taking responsibility is a completely new thing to you, guess what?! You can start now, it’s not too late.

Keep communication lines open

A major problem in many relationships is communication breakdown. This communication breakdown could be poor communication or a complete lack of communication. Love is about expression and there is no way we can express ourselves without communication. It is important you let your partner know your feelings for him/her. Let them know that you value each other’s friendship. If you think there are any issues that will pose a problem to proper communication, discussed it freely.

Create time to be together

Make out time to be with each other. Go for dates, movies or even a stroll. If your finances and schedules will permit, go for a vacation. If going for a vacation may not be possible, do your dates in the house. Create time to be together. Take time to get to know your partner all over again. Creating time to be together under a positive and possibly romantic atmosphere will go a long way to get your relationship back on track. You must have spent so much time in each other’s arm when the going was good, relive the moment even though it might not seem like the way it used to but if you continue this while injecting some positive attitude you are about to get you partner back.

May be you are going through the pains of a broken relationship. The good news is that broken relationships can be fixed. So if you’ve been searching for how to mend a broken relationship, I consider the tips above invaluable to anyone who hopes to get is love back. Though the list of things to do in other to fix a broken relationship is inexhaustible, these 5 steps are a comfortable starting point.


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