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how to stop a breakup

5 Proven Techniques on How to Stop a Breakup

It is impossible to accurately describe the pain and anguish of a breakup. For those who might have experienced it in the past, I bet you don’t want to walk that path again, EVER! The thought of a breakup could be terrifying let alone living it. Breakups come in all shapes and sizes.

Has your love life gone sour all of a sudden, maybe your relationship is already broken or you are at the verge of a breakup, this article is for you. I will be sharing with your 5 proven techniques on how to stop a breakup. Follow these techniques, meditate on it day and night until it becomes part of you. Results will abound.

It is good to state that love and relationship are very complex organisms. What works for a couple might be far from a solution for another. These techniques are based on factors common and valid in ALL relationships.

5 Proven Techniques on How to Stop a Breakup


How do you evaluate your relationship? First thing is it to decide what you really desire from the relationship and then evaluate what you’re actually getting from it. A relationship gives something to you and that’s why you remain in it, but are you getting what you really desire from it? What does a healthy relationship look like? A healthy relationship has openness and respect as two of its major components. Healthy boundaries and trust surround a healthy relationship. If you argue, you must respect the other person’s voice even if you can’t agree with him/her. Love shouldn’t seek to control. It seeks to grow and blossom into something wonderful and worthy of keeping for a life time.


communication is key to you love life. Many times communication is mistaken for talking. Talking + Understanding = Communication. Communication is when partners talk and understand themselves in the context of what they both mean. Stop talking to your partner, communicate with him or her. When talking to your partner, ensure that he or she understands what you mean just as you mean it. Leave no room for unnecessary assumptions. Assumption could be costly. Proper communication can mend a broken relationship because it bring understanding to the equation. Always exploit this great tool.

Be a Good Listener

Communication begins with good listening skills. Strong listeners are more empathetic and are better at solving problems. Listening is a crucial part of communication, and it is different from hearing. Being a patient and good listener will help you not only solve many problems in your relationship it will also help you see the world through the eyes of your partner thereby opening your understanding. You learn a lot by listening. As simple as listening may seem, doing it well, particularly when disagreements arise, takes sincere effort and lots of practice.

Educate Yourself

People in love get carried away by the frenzies of the affair. They do nothing else than to cuddle, chat, call, hold hands… you know the list is endless. But when our relationship hits the rock, we comb everywhere looking for tips and tricks. This is very human but must be avoided. Educate yourself by reading useful materials. I always recommend this e-book. Broaden your knowledge on various topics and share with your partner. Read up tips that will spice up your
love life. Learn more about your partner’s temperament. This information will be handy someday. I always recommend this amazing e-book.

Appreciate Your Partner

In the course of a relationship the level of appreciation might diminish with time. This could be natural because you are now getting used to each other and it might seem unnecessary to be zealously appreciative as of old time. My Advice? Show appreciate to each other at every opportunity, it can never be enough. This is the cement that will keep you together for ever.

Be Positive

We all have very creative thoughts. All thought, good and bad are creative and tends to guide our actions and in-actions. We must learn to be more positive. Our environment and life experiences are the result of habitual and predominant thoughts. Our thoughts leads to discovering what needs to be done and one can think positive or negative to take care of it. Many people fail to see a negative occurrence as a learning experience and continue to feel victimized and helpless, ultimately blaming others for what they drew to themselves. Make a positive commitment to yourself, praise yourself and others and always dream of success. Be enthusiastic about your partner and relationship. Harmed with these nuggets with a some sprinkle of creativity you will be well on your way to having a healthy relationship.

It is very crucial to know how to stop a breakup in your relationship even before it happens because it is more difficult to learn before we become desperate and needy. We all deserve to have an healthy and wonderful love life and its worth going some extra miles to save and/or preserve it.

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